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PÉRIGORD, a region of delicacies

Dordogne is very famous for: foie gras, truffles, Bergerac wines, strawberries, walnuts, ceps mushrooms, but did you know? Dordogne also produces sturgeon, beer, confectionery, jams, cheese and honey.


So many delicacies, which make Dordogne the jewel of French gastronomy. 


Who does not know about the great produces of Périgord and who has never heard about the wealth of the Périgourdine gastronomy?


The PÉRIGORD foie gras

First of all, let’s be clear. There are several types of foies gras. The best is “foie gras entier” (one or several lobes of duck or goose liver). However, there is also “bloc de foie gras” (this is reconstituted fois gras made from fragments of liver lobes mixed very quickly, then emulsified by adding water) or also “pâté de foie” (liver paté).


You can buy the foie gras entier at one of the Marchés au gras (Duck or goose markets); directly from the many producers in the Dordogne or taste it at a restaurant. Bought uncooked, the “foie gras entier” can be consumed semi cooked or cooked, or simply flash fried in a pan.


The “bloc de Foie gras” is less savoury than the “foie gras entier”, but nonetheless a not-to-be-missed delicacy from the local gastronomy, which allows everyone to taste foie gras without breaking the bank!

Finally, foie gras paté, usually mixed with pork, is a simple, inexpensive and nonetheless very tasty way to eat foie gras.  


BE AWARE: Périgord fois gras owns an IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée)! A guarantee of Control and certification " canard à foie gras du Périgord”.


In the Périgord, there are many farmers who produce and sell their foie gras directly from their farm. To find them, you can follow the Route du Foie Gras du Périgord. To ensure that your purchase is a high quality foie gras produced in the Périgord, only choose products labelled “IGP-Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest - Origine certifiée Périgord”.




The black diamond of the Périgord used to be dug up by pigs but nowadays it is more likely to be a dog. This famous mushroom is rare and therefore expensive. Today, Périgord is one of the most important truffle trade centres in France. To see for yourself, you just need to go to one of the regional Truffle markets which run between December and March. 

Sarlat, Périgueux, Sorges, Sainte Alvère, or Thiviers, are the centres around which you should look to purchase these famous mushrooms.


If you see truffles for sale in markets, they will be expensive but beware of rip-offs.  The black truffle is a product in high demand and you will find a lot of products with a very insignificant amount of black truffle .

The black truffles genome was discovered recently and it determines precisely its geographic origin. This will limit the number of fake black truffle products and will guaranty a secure future for the Périgord truffle.



The vineyards, jewels of the South West of France, are surrounded by environmental and architectural treasures. From the hillsides of Pécharmant and Rosette which overlook the valley, to the South with the majestic Château de Monbazillac and its famous “Côte Nord” that follows the Dordogne river.


To the West, beyond the hillsides of Saussignac – another gem of “liquoreux” (very sweet wine), you will have the opportunity to taste the wines of Montravel, where Montaigne still watches over a vineyard full of wisdom and philosophy…


In Duras, the Château des Ducs towers over the hills bordering the Bergerac wine area.


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